Grout Kibble

The NS-GK grout kibbles are great for controlled discharge of granular or other viscous products. Two grout kibble models are available 0.5m2 and 1m2.

Grout Kibble 0.5m3

Part No: NS-GK05
NS-GK05 0.5m3 (half cubic metre) grout kibble is used to dump viscous materials.
$4,525.00 excl tax $4,110.00 excl tax

Grout Kibble 1.0m3

Part No: NS-GK10
NS-GK10 grout kibble has 1m3 (1 cubic metre) capacity for controlled dumping of viscous liquids.
$4,950.00 excl tax $4,620.00 excl tax